Fathima Dada , CEO Pearson Southern Africa (Maskew Miller Longman)
“As I stood on the stage with you and the music started, a certain quality took over the room as well as my 100 colleagues from all over Africa and the world! EVERYBODY moved to the music, and the Joy of Movement was evident in EVERYONE! I may be the CEO of a multi billion company and have nearly 1000 staff but that was the most joyous memory of my entire career!”

*Kathy presented at the Strategy Planning Session for Pearson Southern Africa, with 100 senior leaders from all over Africa, and guests from Italy, US and UK.

Lungisa Huna, Director, Catholic Welfare and Development
“Thank you so much for yesterday.  The group really had a great experience and your input was valued and was completely in line with what we wanted to achieve”.

*Kathy presented at the Black Emerging Female Leaders Programme, Sustainability Institute, Stellenbosch.

Robyn Goff, SAWomEng (South African Women Engineers)
“Kathy Wolstenholme brought an abundance of joy and energy with her that was impossible not to feel. Her Juice! workshop and class lifted the spirits of each and every girl present after what had been an extremely exhausting week. Not only did everyone leave feeling more in touch with who they are as a woman, but also more in touch with who they are as a person”.

*Kathy presented to 68 delegates at the 7th Annual Conference

Jennifer Steyn, director Cold Press Media, publishers of Diner’s Club Choice, FM Essentials and Corporates Choice
“When I walked into the office the morning after our 3 hour workshop with you, everyone said how amazing it was and how life changing it has been. We had such a wonderful bonding session with each other. Once again thank you so much for the most awesome team building we have ever been on”.

Marlene Wasserman – aka: Dr. Eve, renowned sexual health therapist and radio, television presenter and author.
“As a clinical sexologist, I immediately saw the therapeutic value of Nia when I began dancing it many years ago.   Since Kathy has extended the work into the Alchemy of Movement, her practice has become truly transformational. Seeing the synergy of our work, Kathy and I began working together. Since that time it is with reverence and respect that I refer many of my clients to move with Kathy.  She has an innate ability to set people at ease in this novel body-mind work, enabling them explore the potential their bodies and minds can offer them for improving relationships.   I recommend you invite Kathy into your work place as you will see staff transform in the most unexpected and delightful ways.”

Dr Arien van der Merwe, 
CEO of Health Stress Management
“Kathy brings a tremendous energy and passion to her work and facilitates each class and workshop she teaches with immense focus and concentration.

She is a truly gifted and inspiring trainer and one leaves her presence an enriched and empowered human being!”

Susan Carabello, integrative therapist
What I view as most valuable about Kathy’s classes and workshops is the sense of inner strength, stability and purpose that is emphasized.  She teaches people to feel their center, express themselves and relate to others in truly healthy ways. All of this is accomplished via movement and metaphor in a fun, creative and often exhilarating format.  In the process people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds move away from a narrow, mechanistic bias of outwardly defined beauty to the joy in finding one’s own unique expression.”

From the Beating the Black Dog (Gently) Workshops
“What a privilege to have tools to work with on our path of healing, and much love & gratitude for you for being such a wonderful facilitator.”

I left the class feeling that something had shifted into gear and that I would be experiencing the benefits in the weeks to come. Since the workshop, I am able to recognise a lot faster when I am out of balance, and it’s comforting to know that the tools are right at hand to rectify this. The workshop has given me the ability to shift out of murky waters into the clarity of my own power. Thank you for sharing your own experiences so openly – I always love hearing your stories!”

“You are an amazing teacher  and what a privilege to experience you and your work. I LOVED every minute of it and it did not feel like a 3 hour workshop.I FEEL ALIVE!!!!”

“I had such a fantastic time. I just LOVED the music and dancing and now finally understand why Nia can be so addictiveI  Kathy has an amazing positive energy and a wicked sense of humour; and she soon helped everyone to feel comfortable with themselves and with each other. The work that she does is truly amazing”.