Niastudio-obs.capetown – the main Nia studio in Cape Town, and first studio devoted to Nia in South Africa.

Opened on the 4th of May 2003, by Kathy Wolstenholme who introduced the unknown Nia Technique to South Africa in 2002, the studio offers Nia classes, workshops and Trainings.

Originally at the River Club, the studio moved to its present location at 10 Anson Road, Observatory in 2005. Previously a warehouse, the new studio  is spacious and filled with natural light. The dance space has a “dance” floor, a reception area and ounge space to relax in before and after class. The retail outlet sells movement wear + other goodies. Shower and change facilities are also available.

Up to two Nia classes a day are offered, Monday through Sunday, with seven teachers bringing their unique energy and movement styles into our space creating a wonderful alchemy of Nia.

Classes are open to people of all ages and levels of fitness – from stiff beginners to highly fit athletes – incorporating novice, intermediate and advanced levels in one class. Nia truly is for Every Body!

We recommend clothing that allows you to move freely, and ranges from comfortable to exotic! 
And most important Nia is barefoot! This allows you to become aware of the vital cues sent from the feet to the rest of the body – adjusting its alignment.

Remember to bring a towel and water bottle.