Nia private sessions

Educational or therapeutic healing through music and movement

A private session is a perfect way to break through into the next layer of proficiency in your movement or as a self-healing therapy without wordy analysation. Whether as one-on-one training to improve movement and understand your Body’s way, or as therapeutic healing, be guided through music and movement, unlocking confidence and enthusiasm in the body. These sessions are a unique and innovative way to re-capture your creativity and inspiration for life and movement.

“Body Motivation” is a powerful and fun way to re-establish / re-ignite your relationship with your body. This is the most important relationship you will ever have – so its worth every investment you make in it (food, movement, nutrients, laughter, mindfulness etc).  We don’t use the word coach/coaching as that implies instruction, effort to achieve etc. These sessions are more about creating a movement experience that the you are invited to step in and enJOY, following pleasure and ease and exploring your body’s way.

It is about stepping into a journey of re-discovering your body, movement, expression, pleasure …..

  • Each session is an hour-long and is tailor made to the needs of the individuals.
  • Besides the one on one single session, these can also be done with two or three people – if you wish to share a session.
  • Costs upon request.

E-mail or call 082 462 4844 for more information