Nia Trainings

More than simply a workout, Nia is a powerful modality for personal growth!

Become a Nia Teacher or enhance your personal Nia experience in a Nia Training.

While many people step-in to their first Nia class for the workout, they discover so much more. Through the body and lifestyle practices learned in Nia classes, programs and trainings, they discover greater health, vitality, well-being, confidence, connection, empowerment and love that transforms their bodies and their lives.

If you have a sincere desire to inspire people to become the healthiest, strongest, most authentic and alive version of themselves while also gaining tools, training and experience to enrich your own body and life, you may feel called to become a Nia teacher. As a Nia Teaching Professional, you become a leader, role model, guide, mentor, friend, coach and teacher, with the potential to transform your student’s lives, your community and your world.