Nia Intensives

Become a Nia Teacher or enhance your personal Nia experience in a Nia Training

The White Belt Intensive is the first level of Nia Training for Nia students interested in
diving deeper into the Nia Education.white belt icon Fusion fitness pioneers Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas have developed the most comprehensive body-mind-spirit fitness training in the industry.
Whether you are a student desiring to go deeper in your practice or an aspiring Nia Professional, the white belt intensive is for you.

The intensive is a week-long program in expressive mind-body movement that will take you “deeper in and higher up” in a lifestyle practice that can heal & strengthen your body, relax & release your mind, and refresh and restore your heart and soul! Explore Martial Arts, Dance Arts and Healing Arts, the five sensations, the thirteen major joints and twenty digits, and the thirteen principles of Nia, as you discover “Your Body’s Way” to a happier, healthier life.

The trainings are offered in South Africa by international Nia Trainers, who have dedicated years to the personal and professional study, practice, teaching and living of Nia’s principles and education. The Nia Way is a holistic approach rooted in a somatic (body-based) approach to learning. Nia education is designed to allow students to develop and participate in their own way, embodying cognitive information by engaging the whole person:

  • The Body is used for exploration, discovery, and sensory-based experience
  • The Mind is used to focus, witness and direct attention
  • Emotion is used to create a personal connection to experience, and thus becomes a conduit of body-mind connection
  • Spirit (that which is unique to a person) is used to recognize personal power, foster self-healing and expand each person’s potential

All Nia training is highly interactive and delivers foundational principles through both cognitive and experiential learning models. You are eligible to license as a Nia teacher upon completion of the Nia White Belt Intensive Training.

Depending on your goals, Nia is everything from a fun class experience to a philosophy, lifestyle and profession. While often practiced in a group-fitness format, the true depth of Nia lies in a richly layered body of education, which for many becomes a lifelong journey and/or professional practice.

Embrace your body…quiet your mind…express your spirit – joyful and transformational – it is unlike any other educational training you have ever experienced.