Nia in focus

“Inspiration … what a Feeling!”

” ..Well, I hear the music, close my eyes, feel the rhythm, wrap around, take a hold of my heart…………….. What a feeling … Being’s believing .. I can have it all, now I’m dancing for my life.  Take your passion … And make it happen … Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life ….”Remember that iconic song? Can you feel it at a cellular memory level? It always makes me want to throw on my yellow leg warmers, pull my t-shirt half off my shoulder, crouch down and explode into the air!  (I also want to sing out “Fame ..make it happen” … weird but true).  But more importantly it’s an instant pick-me-up that inspires a good feeling to run through my body at a sensational level.

To bring it into focus, the other Saturday, I went to the Oranjezicht Farmers Market in its new venue – non other than the Premier of the Western Cape’s official residence’s garden. As I entered the gates I looked up and took in beautiful green lawns, the historic home, nomadic tents, lots of people enjoying themselves with the majestic Table Mountain as the perfect backdrop to it all. I was hit with such an immense sensation in my body of “wow” – and it felt really good!. After a week of Eskom loadshedding woes, SONA antics, political negativity, crazy traffic ….. it was like a bolt of hope surged through me as I look up at it all and thought ” wow .. despite it all – where else can you go to an amazing market like this held in a Premier’s garden”. It was a moment of Inspiration (feeling inspired) that brought it all back into balance for me … and it’s a way nicer feeling in the body than negativity is. It has also stayed with me –  bubbling inside, keeping the “positivity fire” burning for me to draw on whenever needed. Inspiration … what a Feeling!

Be INSPIRED to MOVE for the love of how it makes you FEEL  … ♥ Nicci