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New to Nia Playshop

An experiential introduction session to key concepts of the Nia practice + lifestyle, plus a Nia class experience to fully sense and embody what you have learnt.

The Nia class will invite you to go slower as you find your feet and then can sense and feel the new learnings in your body.

Join Jenny Barenbrug (Nia Black Belt Teacher and Moving to Heal) for a fun session where you will move to learn and find your Nia groove 💃

Perfect for anyone new to Nia, or who wants to know a little more about Nia, or enhance their own class experience.

✷SPECIAL OFFER – come with a friend, family or even a colleague and get two for R250!

Moving to Heal Classes

Move to Feel Better! 💃💛

Nia Moving to Heal is a therapeutic movement program designed for anybody seeking a gentler movement practice to compliment and facilitate healing of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It is “movement as medicine” for your whole self! “Healing” as defined by Nia as simply, “little acts I do along the way to help me feel better.”

  • Students learn how to personalize movement to adapt to their comfort and health needs. Chairs are even made available for students to utilize for maximum stability, pleasure, and comfort.

The class teaches people to listen to the voice of the body, sensation. Sensation is a tool for self-healing. 🙏🏼

Whether you are a regular Nia student, New to Nia, healing an injury, or physically challenged – you can use Moving to Heal to step in to your body’s healing potential! 🌟


  • Tuesdays at 6pm
  • Live and Online from the NiaStudio-Obs
  • Cost: R130 / class card
  • Sign up: ✉︎ info@niasouthafrica.co.za


✳︎ “Moving to heal, for me, has been an invaluable invitation to slow down. It has been about using my body as a partner, as a conspirator, as a best friend. And using that relationship to begin to tap into my inner healer- that is to say, to tap into the body’s wisdom. It has been both a blessing and a great resource to take this course
Lauren George (Blue Belt teacher + Mental Health Therapist in Nebraska, US)

✳︎ “The Nia Moving to Heal practice allows my body to move in a deeply natural and wholistic way so it finds its way back to alignment. I have found my nervous system is far more relaxed and energy levels much increased after the practice. In listening to my body, I have become a better friend to it and have been able to move it back into a place of balance and power”
Lorraine Jenkinson( Brown Belt Teacher in Byron Bay, Australia)