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7 skills for deepening the body mind connection

Juice! is a high definition explanation of the energy elixir called Nia, a cardiovascular fitness fusion technique created in 1983.

Whether you’re on the body mind journey as a Nia student or involved in another practice or sport…

Juice! will take your practice to a higher level.

Those who practice Nia know that getting a workout with Nia is a living blessing.  What might not be so obvious is that under its fitness facade lies an integrated life skills practice. Juice! captures the nuances of the body mind connection translated into everyday life, deciphering good living practice by looking at how the body operates at optimum health and efficiency.

Think through the body to move the mind –  with Juice!

  • 7 skills that develop mastery in movement
  • Exercises for private use or workshop facilitation
  • Life Skills for daily living, useful for life coaches and body mind therapists
  • Quotations from Nia South Africa Students and International Trainers
  • Inspiring photographs and informative drawings
  • A Book for Life!

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  • “JUICE is not simply a book, but a beautiful creation! I recognise the enormous field of care in both the layout and content. There is a bare honesty which is so rare that it moves me beyond what I can express in words.  There is and will be only one JUICE! “  Ankia Bormans – Nia student
  • “I could not put Juice! down once I started reading..I went back and forth until I eventually got into bed with it..Even  hubby loved quite a  few of the quotes.. I also brought it in to work this morning so I can share the LOVE and JOY.. My Colleague is pregnant with the 2nd child and I just referred her to the  quote where Debbie says..your body has been changing since you were little..just embrace it!  – Heather Abrahams, Nia White Belt
  • “I am BLOWN AWAY by Juice!!!!!  It is such a warm, comprehensive, considered, personal and professional collection of work, Kathy – heartfelt congratulations.  This is going to go FAR!! “-  Gail Walmsley, Nia White Belt Teacher
  • “Beautiful, inspiring, thought provoking and so well written! Juice so held my attention…couldn’t put it down,  there’s so much to absorb, so will try to read one “juice skill” at a time to feel  & embody it more”-   Lorraine Relleen, Nia Blue Belt Teacher
  • “Your book is exceptionally beautiful. I will treasure it always. Thank-you for your perseverance and courage in getting it done – you are more of an inspiration to me than ever!” –  Shelley Angelil, Nia Black Belt Teacher
  •  “If you were to meet Kathy in person, you’d know she is the epitome of her work. Absolute radiance – fully connected!” – Helga Skriker, Nia White Belt and founder of Women of Worth, UK
  •  “Firstly I wanted to say how much I loved the workshop and dance class you held at our school.Now that I am reading your book I can reflect back into my body and really experience what you have written. I have always loved dance but NIA has given me the freedom to be in my body and to express the joy, sadness, anger and release of emotion through movement in a way that feels right for me. THANK YOU for the gift of JUICE!” – Sue Pilkington-Williams, Principal – Crawford Pre-Primary in KZN
  • “I want to thank you for putting aside the time to write about Nia. I am loving reading it, as it has given me a whole new and easier understanding of Nia. So much of what you have written makes sense to me as I have experienced moments of all these skills and now I can give them conscious recognition and understanding and know that shifts are happening in my body. I celebrate Nia and all it brings to me and the world.  And I look orward to sharing my understanding of ‘juice’ with friends and family” – Jann Draper – Nia White Belt. KZN

Juice cover