Training dates and costs

  • 52 MOVES TRAINING with Kelle Rae Oien
    The Art of Conditioning – the language of Nia
    Nia’s 52 movements have been distilled through 30 years of somatic exploration to represent the best in holistic body-mind-emotion-spirit conditioning, originating from diverse modalities spanning dance, martial arts and therapeutic practices. The 52 Moves are proven to physically condition the body and enhance movement skills, enhancing proprioception and perceptual motor skills represented in flexibility, mobility, agility, stability and strength.

    The focus of the 2-day training is the art of conditioning applied to the body’s base, core and upper extremities. How to coach yourself to move better and feel better is the basis of the program in terms of exercise science. Through the process of learning how to isolate each move using three distinct levels of range of motion in your joints you will learn how to achieve four types of conditioning. This training is ideal for anyone wanting to learn more about how to condition their body and develop movement skills.

    From Kelle – “The new 52 Moves training is dedicated to empowering you with the form of Nia’s 52 Moves. We spend two days consciously crafting the Art of Conditioning. You will learn how to do each move with clarity and gain wisdom about the benefits of each move. Additionally, we’ll focus on conditioning tools that will energize and tone your body. With the 52 Moves I am MUCH more creative in my body and my body has transformed. It’s the ultimate form and freedom experience!”

    Watch Kelle teaching classes HERE on her FB profile page to get inspired!

    Feedback from training participants:
    “Kelle ROCKS! Being in her presence is an inspiration – she is an open, kind, impeccable trainer” Amy Warshawsky – New Jersey, US

    “Kelle’s 52 Moves training is FANTASTIC! Not only is she a joy to train with, regardless, but the depth of detail, clarity, practice and connection to the 52 moves and how they connect to anatomy was fascinating and thoroughly engaging. The Move IT class is SO much more than I expected and WAY more FUN! I also loved learning to ride the edge of “enough” and expand capacity and stamina. I highly recommend the training to everyone – belt graduates and students alike. Our community got a lot out of it!” Christina Wolf – owner of Embody Movement studio in Centralia, Washington

    “Kelle’s expertise in anatomy, coupled by her energetic, fun, playful spirit takes the training and physical experience to a new level. Noa Kadman from Israel

    “I discovered that the training is really rich, igniting in me a desire to be more: more educated, more conditioned, more confident ” Barbara Ades from Toronto, Canada

    ✶ To TAKE the 52 Moves Training, you do NOT need to be a Nia belt or prior experience. Anyone may enroll and it is open to al levels + experience.

    The cost of the 52 Moves Training is $299 USD
    Registration fee of $99 + $200.00 instruction fee
    ✆ 082 462 4844

    Nia Training Faculty & Somatic Educator, First Degree Black Belt Teacher, 52 Moves + Nia Move I.T. Trainer & Teacher, Certified 5 Stages Teacher, Rolfing and Rolfing Movement Practitioner.Kelle is a unique teacher trainer. From her 15 years of being a Rolfer and Rolf Movement Therapist, she brings a rich understanding of the human form and an ‘integrationist’ approach to looking at, sensing and moving the body. Her classes are athletic and undeniably packed with power, yet her years of work in the Healing Arts bring depth, compassion and choice into every move, making the class experience deep, yet intuitive.
    Kelle teaches from the Body’s Way perspective, encouraging students to ‘Know Thyself’ in order to become a great healer to all. Beginner’s mind is a touchstone in Kelle’s trainings, as she brings a sense of curiosity and wonder for being alive. Spontaneity, humor and an undying love for the work of Nia are a few of the unique gifts she shares with her students.

    ” …As a trained and certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner, I have discovered how to get in, move and successfully thrive in my body and my profession with The Nia Technique. How? I use my body and movement as medicine. I love sharing my ‘integrative’ perspective of the body and teaching new ways of creating systemic health and wellness by synthesizing anatomy, movement, somatics and therapeutics – enhancing your personal enjoyment, and how to use movement to enhance getting in, and living in the the body”.