Teaching Nia


You may teach Nia upon completing the Nia White Belt Intensive Training by purchasing an annual Nia Livelihood Membership Package. South African Nia teachers pay an annual licensing fee of $320. (Reside and teach Nia in South Africa)

Complement and cultivate your body-mind-spirit practice with the Nia Livelihood Membership, a comprehensive continuing education program for personal enrichment and professional development. Available to all belt graduates, this 12-month membership provides you with a deeper exploration of the tools and concepts presented in Nia Belt Trainings, and includes access to in-depth educational materials and videos, a teaching license, and special benefits and privileges.

Exclusive Livelihood Member Benefits:

  • 4 Choreographed Nia teacher routine DVDS
  • 12-month Nia teacher’s license
  • Monthly classes and workshops with Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas
  • Weekly mentoring telecourses with Nia Faculty
  • Profile page, personal URL and class listings on NiaNow.com
  • Exclusive discount prices on NiaWear
  • Retake* any belt training previously completed for only $125 USD
  • Five FREE session audits* of any belt training previously completed (excluding Green Belt)
  • Access to customizable marketing materials and student handouts (digital download)
  • Access to professional images for marketing purposes (digital download)
  • Subscription to monthly continuing education e-Newsletter
  • Access to the online Nia Teacher Forum
  • FREE Nia classes at StudioNia in Portland, Oregon
  • 500 FREE business cards (first-time White Belts only)
  • On-demand business and marketing support from Nia CEO Jeff Stewart

 *All retakes and audits are based on space availability and approval by the trainer.


The Livelihood Membership is an annual fee that auto-renews in 12-month intervals. All prices are in USD. Payment options vary by geographical region and include:

  • USA and International residents: $520
  • South Africa residents: $320/year
  • Black Belt: $370

For more in-depth information and details about the Member benefits – read more on the Nia HQ website

What is the Nia brand worth in South Africa?

Nia is a result of 26 years of credibility and work as the leading body mind technique in the US. Nia is found in over 42 countries across the globe. Introduced in South Africa in 2002, the brand and awareness of the work has been built up over the last eight years with extensive media coverage (magazines, television, radio and internet) and the introduction of Nia at many events nationwide. Nia teachers are thus supported and backed by the huge public awareness and demand for the work in South Africa.