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SuryaSoul Introduction Workshop with Philippe and Sabine



Experience a beautiful dance journey of individual expression 
 and commUnity celebration with joy and heart connection.

  • movement meditation+body mudras
  • blend of Yoga with Tao
  • form and freedom
  • inspiring rhythms and music from all genres

Enjoy, explore, experience and embrace the Sacred Chakra Architecture of your Body/Soma and Soul/Spirit and your Life. The healing combination of Sound and Movement will bring focused clarity to the mind and energized relief to the body.

An inspiring movement practice embracing presence and awareness

OPEN TO EVERYBODY  – this promises to be a profoundly moving experience!

Date: Sunday, 28 April
Time: 12noon – 3.30pm
Cost: R400 **Early Bird R350 before 16 April
Sign up: 082 462 4844 or Email


“Conscious movement is our life philosophy”

As the creators and designers of SuryaSoul®, Philippe and Sabine have taught, moved and coached people worldwide since 2004 in workshops, retreats, Festivals, Congresses, trainings, hospitals, and group and individual sessions. They were also previously Nia teachers, trainers and choreographers of the Rise and Awake Nia routines.

Having lived for over 20 years between Auroville/India and Hamburg/Germany, they have become internationally recognized for their inspirational lifestyle and spirit – traveling worldwide to share their work and developing a network of friends, dancers and teachers who supports their nomadic way of life.

As devoted musicians, their music library is a gold mine that continues to inspire them on a daily basis, making their dance events unique platforms  where sound, movement, community and bodies can tune in and experience peace and harmony. The beats of their hearts are the centers of their life and practice.

Their favorite words are love, joy, moving, dancing, energy, healing, sweating, movement and meditation ♥︎

Sharing their experience and wisdom has become the intention and purpose of their evolution.

  • Sabine, born in South Germany, has been living with a chronic lymphatic condition since birth which has required her to spend time in hospitals and clinics for operations or treatments. Dance and Meditation has become a healing journey for her after following the call of becoming an inspiration for many people through movement and dance events.
  • Philippe, born in France, traveled to India in 1996 to start a new life as resident of Auroville, the international project on human unity and Integral Yoga created in 1968. Trained in Taoist martial arts, his vision is to connect people through to music and conscious movement.

“We welcome you to this wonderful world of dance, community and transformation with the vision of creating your own life as a master piece. Let the Dance Of Life with the rainbow colors of the Chakras become our human path to let our soul shine into the world”

WEBSITE: www.suryasoul.com