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Soul Voice Workshop – 18, 19 +20 May 2018


Dive deeper into the voice you may have forgotten but your soul remembers. 

This intensive workshop Is about being the fullest, clearest, most alive channel you can ever imagine being.

  • Discover your voice’s healing abilities
  • Develop your ability to release hurt feelings
  • Strengthen listening and communication skills
  • Gain more confidence and self-esteem in personal and professional relationships
  • Tap into suppressed issues and through that, free your creative expression

Learn Soul Voice® exercises for letting go of judgment, for allowing the inner-child to play, and for accessing the primordial energy through your own unique frequencies. You will also be working with the emotional body, the key to developing intuition & liberating authentic self-expression. As you let yourself go into the feeling of your sounds and allow them to guide you, you will start to unravel the layers of your own subconscious, where profound healing to the core can really take place.

Karina’s unwavering ability to hold a magnificent container for the group, while working very intimately with each and every student, creates the space where people come to the deepest part of themselves, and leads you to finding your voice in life, both literally and figuratively.

The workshop is open to everybody, and no experience is necessary.

Dates: 18, 19 + 20th May 2018

Time: 6 – 9pm on Friday +
11am – 6.30pm on Sat + Sun
Cost: R1 500 * special CT launch price

For more information or to sign up connect with Nicci on:
✆ 082 462 4844
✉ nicci@niasouthafrica.co.za

“This workshop is a must for anyone looking to reconnect with themselves.
This unique experience has enabled me to address & heal parts of myself through finding my own voice to face a busy & demanding world. It was intense, lively, emotional, fun and grounding. The work you put in, is what you take away with you for life. I am grateful for both the experience & my new found energy & focus” – Leigh Steven-Jennings, Cape Town

“After two extremely intense days of Soul Voice® , I have emerged feeling spring cleaned, alive, activated, fresh, new and a hell of a lot lighter! I have experienced and studied many types of therapies and am blown away by the simplicity; how powerful is the use of my own voice in different ways…for clearing, for healing, for expressing, for celebrating…always available to me, costs me nothing and can offer soooo, soooo much! WOW! I am addicted! “
– Swaha Linda, Bali

“I am amazed with the depth of this technique. The two day Soul Voice® workshop helped me to release an absurd amount of energy that was trapped inside me for a long time, generating great frustration. To use my own voice to awaken my inner power was one of the most transformative experiences I ever had” – Claudia Arakasi, Australia

“Joining Soul Voice® was a unique experience. I had the opportunity to express the deepest sound of my being and I connected with my essence. Thank you!
– Nilma, Brazil

Karina Schelde, from New Zealand is an internationally recognised pioneer in sound healing and a master teacher in voice healing therapy. A dynamic and passionate facilitator and lecturer, Karina has synthesized 30 years of professional experience in alternative healing into her unique Soul Voice® Method, which she teaches in over 20 countries. Her Soul Voice book is now translated into many languages.
Website: soulvoice.net

Soul Voice Workshop