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  • My Philosophy
 – my tendency has always been to just give, my philosophy now is the power of co-creation
  • My Purpose  – to inspire and 
co-create mastery – 
to tap into the juice of potential, and above all to play, have fun & laugh!

Nia has gifted me with an ability to move with ease, grace and strength – to play with freedom, expression and abandon – to be open to spontaneity, stillness and my own voice – to step into the unknown of every moment knowing…

Above all it has unleashed in me a desire to achieve mastery – to be the best 
I can be in this fascinating and powerful movement practice.

I LOVE seeing people receive the same gifts 
when they move. 
Every class I teach is a 
co-creation between me, Nia and those in class.

A moving Ubuntu where laughter is always present no matter what, exhilaration is order of the day and we condition our physical, mental and emotional selves to be the best we can be one step, stance, kick, shimmy and shake at a time.

White Belt: 2002  Blue Belt: 2006  Brown Belt: 2009  Black Belt: 2010

Nicci Gates

Nicci Gates


  • My Philosophy
 – life is a fascinating dance. Pay attention through the senses as you dance through life, and choose joy in each moment
  • My Purpose
 – to awaken the joyful dancer in others

Nia has ushered in big changes in my life. I have gone from being an unhappy gym bunny to a joyful dancer, from being an English teacher trainer to a passionate Nia teacher.

The further I go in my training, the more my respect for Nia as a body-mind-emotions-spirit discipline deepens. There 
is nothing else that so fully nurtures all-round well-being and health. It feeds my brain, muscles, joints, heart and lungs, bones! emotions and spirit.  Being a Nia student and teacher is an endless journey of discovery, full of rich learning, and much healing.

Nia holds unending delight and fascination for me, and 
I am so grateful to be able to share this passion with others, and to witness their joy and transformation.

White Belt: 2004   Blue Belt: 2006   Brown Belt: 2008   Black Belt: 2010
Green Belt: 2009

Shelley Angelil

Shelley Angelil


  • My philosophy – when we experience 
our true Selves, we understand that everything is infinitely connected
  • My purpose – to encourage freedom 
of expression and a delicious search towards our unlimited potential through movement

A longing for a physical activity to appeal to all aspects of my being was stilled the day 
I “stumbled” into a Nia class. It was the beginning of a beautiful, rewarding and an endless journey of discovery and liberation. Nia reawakens our unique spirit, heals our emotional body, calms our mind, stimulates our nervous system and muscles.

It satisfies our longing to be free, expressive and playful, nurtures our connection with others and our relationship to music and guides us towards a heightened awareness of Life. I love the smiles and the sparkles Nia brings out on our faces – the renewed honour it creates for our bodies and the way it reminds us to embrace vastness at every chance.

It is pure joy to witness our continuous transformations and I am honoured and grateful to be teaching and sharing Nia with you.

White Belt: 2003  Blue Belt: 2006
Green Belt: 2009

Dee Scharer - Version 2

Dee Scharer