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Nia Moving to Heal Training – October 10 + 11, 2020 in Cape Town


with Mind-Body Psychotherapist, Jule Aguirre, M.Ed., LPC, NCC

From Dallas, Texas – Jule has 29 years specializing in body-mind healing | mental + emotional health | hospice + hospital based programs | chronic pain / compassion fatigue

EveryBODY is healing something! Join us for this 2-day Training!


Designed with the unifying theme of healing, the Nia Moving to Heal Training provides you with the knowledge + skills to receive therapeutic benefits through the moving practice of Nia.

  • Founded on the art of movement + the philosophy of The Body’s Way, you will learn techniques to adapt Nia therapeutically + how to successfully use Nia movement + principles to feel better.
  • Topics covered include philosophy of healing + The Body’s Way, sensation science, somatic anatomy, movement, + how music enhances the therapeutic movement experience.
  • Specific emphasis is placed on the ethics of healing + compassionate movement while considering the needs of diverse students.

People with short + long term illness benefit by using movement as part of their prescription for healing, whether it be anxiety/depression, cancer, chronic pain, arthritis, Parkinson’s, brain injuries, compassion fatigue, eating disorders, etc.

Moving to Heal classes teach people to listen to the voice of the body, sensation – a tool for self-healing.

  • Sessions begin with a body awareness walk (or seated as needed) and ends with body gratitude.
  • Students are guided through a mindful movement experience using Nia’s 7 class cycles beginning with a focus and intent, warm up, mindful movement, cool down, movement on the floor (or chair) and consciously stepping out.
  • Each session culminates in a “Dancing Through Life” tip – to bring the self-healing focus into the individuals’ daily lives.

Whether you desire to go deeper into your personal healing practice, or to share Moving to Heal programming with clients by becoming a Moving to Heal Facilitator, this training will IGNITE your healing potential!

EVERYBODY can take this the two-day training, and no experience is required.
  • Anyone who is looking to go deeper into their own personal healing process.
  • Nia students, Nia teachers, therapists, healers, body workers, and medical professionals.
  • Everyone in the world of healing!
The prerequisite if someone wants to TEACH MOVING TO HEAL is to complete the White Belt Training (can be done after the M2H Training) and sign on for the teacher membership.



  • Saturday and Sunday, 10+ 11 October 2020
  • $ 299 ($99 registration with Nia HQ + $200 to the Nia Trainer)

> Link to register online with Nia HQ 

✳︎ “I took the Moving to Heal training with Debbie Rosas and Jule Aguire in 2018. At the time I was preparing to take Nia to refugee camps in Thailand and Bangladesh, where I would be working with children with an array of disabilities. I was looking to learn how to make my Nia classes for children more inclusive, so that no child would be left out.

This training was profound in every way. I certainly did find what I was looking for, and emerged with practical skills and tools which became invaluable in my work with the refugees, and allowed each one  of them to access the joy of movement in their unique ways. But more than this, I fell in love with Moving to Heal for myself. Before the training I had very little personal interest in this modality. I am a high energy, level 3 kinda Nia person, and I love the sensation of athleticism and dynamism. But to my surprise, being guided by Jule’s gentle voice and cues felt deliciously soothing to my body and my whole being. It felt like I was giving myself permission to slow down and be gentle – physically, mentally and emotionally. For me personally, moving in this way deepened my connection to the self-healing element of Nia.

I now teach three Moving to Heal classes a week in Cambodia, and it’s definitely one of my most popular classes. Moving to Heal is not only for people who are older, chronically ill or injured. In fact, most of my students are young and physically able. Many are yoga teachers. I think the reason people, myself included, love it so much is that it invites us to slow down and be gentle in a world that is so fast-paced and stressful.
Moving to Heal is movement medicine. Jule is a brilliant and incredibly compassionate facilitator of this work.  Whether you plan to teach this modality, or use it for your personal healing, I cannot recommend this training enough. ”
Debbie-Lee van Ginkel (Black Belt Nia teacher in Siem Reap, Cambodia)

✳︎ Moving to heal, for me, has been an invaluable invitation to slow down. It has been about using my body as a partner, as a conspirator, as a best friend. And using that relationship to begin to tap into my inner healer- that is to say, to tap into the body’s wisdom. It has been both a blessing and a great resource to take this course”
Lauren George (Blue Belt teacher + Mental Health Therapist in Nebraska, US)

✳︎ “The Nia Moving to Heal practice allows my body to move in a deeply natural and wholistic way so it finds its way back to alignment. I have found my nervous system is far more relaxed and energy levels much increased after the practice. In listening to my body, I have become a better friend to it and have been able to move it back into a place of balance and power”
Lorraine Jenkinson( Brown Belt Teacher in Byron Bay, Australia)

> Watch Jule Talk about the training and what you can expect


Jule Aguirre, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, Mind-Body Psychotherapist, Nia Somatic Educator + Trainer
Named by ORIGIN Magazine as one of the nation’s TOP Leaders who Inspire! Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Jule MOVES mind-body integrators, healers, urban athletes, + adventurers in wellness worldwide, delivering a powerfully dynamic, conscious movement experience with her unique approach to blending the wisdom of Nia with her integrative psychotherapeutic skill, dynamically stimulating WHOLE-BEing transformation for participants of her work.

Jule presents Nia internationally, and maintains a private mind-body wellness practice. Learn more at juleaguirre.com

✆ 082 462 4844
✉︎ nicci@niasouthafrica.co.za