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I can Now versus I can’t Yet …

Short and sweet. Inspirational. Useful. That was my aim for this month. This year truly feels like it has increased it’s pace month on month and time (yours and mine) is of the essence. It felt important to me to respect that.

Sunday morning (serendipitous timing as usual), this statement showed up in my Facebook post.
There will never be a perfect time. Simply start where you are. 

The time is now feels like the unwritten end to that statement, and with time being such a precious commodity it feels very truthful – and useful. It strips away all “escuses” (aka procrastination) our minds can conjure up. As that other great truth-statement says, “if you really want to do something you will find a way. If you don’t you, will find many escuses”. It also feels very releasing in my body – like a deep exhale of relief.

This month we have held two workshops – both introducing very new and “foreign” practices. Sacred Chanting and Acroyoga. Both easy to “dismiss” with “I can’t chant  /sing – its really not my thing – acrobatics with yoga ­– totally out of my ability range” …and so forth.

I did both these workshops. I was interested in both of them, but had I a choice (being the host it was part of my responsibility to be there) there is a good chance that I could have found escuses why the “timing” was not right for me to do them.( I can be a very masterful procrastinator). And I was very grateful and glad that I couldn’t. They were both amazing experiences and widened my landscape of physical sensation and experience, and empowered my mind and emotions with new personal insights plus the fact that I COULD DO both of these “foreign concepts” (in the context of my experience). Had I waited for the alignment of time and perfection – I would have missed out big time.

So now … where do you want to start? What have you been “putting off” for various “reasons”? … what do you want to do? Simply start where you … and you will find your way. Remember you are your biggest encourager! And we are always here for you too.

♥  Nicci