Nia in focus


Potential is possible … Hope is a wish

I love playing with words – mentally and kinesthetically: thinking them, feeling them, saying them.  A body mind “scrabble” you might call it … I don’t define it – I just have fun with it. But what it always seems to do is bring me to a new insight – a different way of being with something. So yesterday the word “hope” came into my head (I have no idea why but that’s not important). Then “potential” appeared from left field – and so began the playful “scrabble” of my mind.

Most of us live in “hope” in some context or the other, either spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically-related. Although it is a word with positive energy it feels like “something” always just out of reach, even unattainable at times … more wishful than realistic. Out of my hands so to speak – left to chance.

Yes, “potential “ is also a feeling of something not yet manifested, but by shifting my perspective from hope to potential I naturally opened myself to possibility. And so potential became possible … and possible feels more real … and I can explore all possibilities. Therefore, I have the power “in my hands” to mold all possibility to create my potential.

Play with me:

  • Think of the word “hope” … then feel it physically (as in a body sensation) …and then emotionally. Now do the same with “potential”.
  • Now say the word “hope” – can you feel its lightness and how it ends with a wisp of air leaving your mouth – almost like blowing a wish.
  • Now say “potential” ­– it ends with a firm connection of my tongue to my upper mouth –it feels whole, more grounded and it stays with me.

In my body, I have always sensed potential in the back of my body – in that spot between my shoulder blades  – directly aligned with my heart center (in the font of my body).

  • Sense that space in your own body (simply bring your attention to that place – and you begin to “sense”). Breathe in and out a few times keeping your attention there … do you feel the expansion that breathing naturally invokes movement-wise. Now find the “wings” of your arms and begin to “pretend” fly. More movement and opening there becomes possible right?  The bigness or smallness of the movement is irrelevant. And as you fly can you feel potential as you put it into action? As if you can do anything?

And that is what I love about this body mind work we do – that the possibilities of playing, moving, feeling, inspiring, sensing, laughing, healing, being …  (I could go on and on) are endless! And this ignites the potential for feeling better  – then good, and ultimately feeling my BEST. It becomes real, and personal, and within my own making – as long as I keep creating movement. And it applies to my mind and my emotions as well.

So there is hope for all of us you say?  Nope …there IS POTENTIAL in all of us.

I invite you to explore all possibilities of moving and being this month – igniting the potential that is in YOU to FEEL AWESOME!

And we have a great team of teachers this month ­– Dee, Hanri, Sarah, Gail and myself (Shelley is overseas this month) ­– who are committed to creating movement experiences that do just that. The choice is yours to step in and make it possible – Nicci