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Downcast … Outcast … Overcast – what kind of energy-caster are you?

 Whilst giving the 5 STAGES workshop this last weekend I came across this great statement in the lesson plan I was using during the crawling stage … “When you feel ready, you notice the world is more than what is down here and you want to be a part of that…  exploring is what motivates you in this stage – you look up and out … with curiosity and wonder.” 
Those words really clicked for me. Yes, less downcasting and more looking out and at –outcasting ­– bringing ourselves fully into the present moment that is happening around us.The Neck and Head lesson further invites us to “look through the windshield of life, not down at the floorboard or above the horizon level. Meet life head-on. Let it come to you.” I like the visual reference here too of looking above the horizon – over-casting your eyes to someplace up there above the horizon not yet visible. It’s both a physical and an energy action, as we all know or can sense that energy follows where we place our attention.

The design of the neck and head, and its structure “dictate” that looking out at that eye level plane essentially aligns our head movement with how it has been created to move and be, whereas constantly looking down or looking to far up is not – hence the misalignment of our posture. This also energetically moves the body more efficiently and systemically – so your body automatically does what it needs to do to support the movement and you.

The “intelligence” of the body feeding us these life “truths” is personally a huge connector drawing me to body mind work and its innate unfolding wisdom.

My modus operandi is definitely a “downcaster”. (I can relate a few moments where that has nearly tripped me up – literally!) I work on witnessing that and bringing myself up to “outcasting” as much as possible. Creating the potential that “outcast” can be my way of being. And at times I do become “overcast” when I need to go to that future unknown and unseen place, or disengage energetically even though physically I am still present.
I think we all “cast-out” into those three places but have a MO favouring one of them.

From teaching for 10 years, and now working with the 5 STAGES, I have seen that  “downcast” is the predominate energy. The reasons for which can be widely debated – but what I do know is that engaging in this multi-channel technology world we operate in has a huge impact on making us live as “downcasts”. Not great for posture and our overall well-being. We need to live more as “outcasts”, and sense when we are  “downcast” or “overcast” so as to align ourselves back to a more optimal way of posture, presence and connection. A body-truth that says it all – for the body, mind, emotions and our spirit energy.

I love this quote I found – “An awesome coach pulls out your passion, shows you the possible, and helps you make it probable. They don’t judge, evaluate and remove you from the equation. You know what to do. You just need someone to show you your possible. To dig down deep with you, so you can you start living in the here and now. Start doing things to take care of yourself. And start focusing on how you can be the best you can be. Because at the end of the day, it’s about cultivating the most important relationship of your life — the relationship with yourself!“

So where do you cast your energy most of the time?

Cultivate personal awareness – explore more of you – become an awesome self-motivator – seeing the world and you in it and wanting to be part of it now.

♥  Nicci