Nia in focus


The Spaces in Between …

 “Sometime people avoid the beginnings because they want to avoid the endings. This is particularly true if we have negative associations with happiness. If we have had the carpet pulled out from under us at moments of great vulnerability, we may prefer to avoid life altogether. But what is life without beginnings? And what is life without endings? Life is lived in the spaces between. We must begin again, 
time and again, if we are going to live a real life.”
Jeff Brown – author of “Soulshaping” and 
“Ascending with both feet on the Ground”, 
film-maker and grounded spiritualist.

In Nia we talk about creating the space when we begin class, and then closing and stepping out of the space when we end … with the “dance” happening in the space in between. It’s an act of mindfulness to keep us fully present and alive in the moment, in our bodies – aware – connected to sensations. Keeping it real so to speak. And every time we step into class we are invited into this “real space of being” time and time again. Seamless continuity of being “em-body-ed”.

The end of every year always brings with it the “expectation” of some form of ending and beginning – culminating in the celebration on the eve of the old year “ending” to welcome in the new year “beginning”.

This year let’s Pause in the spaces in between – seizing the opportunity/ies to live in the full-ness of our “presence” – beginning again and again to constantly find the “real dance of life”. Seamless continuity of being “en-live-ned”.

As this great quote shared by Hanri says - “the moment you change your perception – is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body”. No need to stop, end and begin again – but rather to stay moving in the spaces – shaping and shifting your body, mind and heart chemistry again and again. Finding the seamless continuity of living the “real life” as sensation-fully as possible – and always simply the best you can.