The Workshop

Juice! Workshops

Everybody needs Juice! It’s the elixir of youth now on tap for you.

We are walking battery packs sustained and enhanced by food, water, air and movement! In the same way that being driven recharges a car battery, movement recharges your battery. Rejuvenate your company or group with a truly moving experience.

Kathy Wolstenholme, workshop facilitator, motivational mover, Nia black belt and founder of Nia in South Africa is delighted to offer her innovative, interactive presentations.

A Juice! talk or workshop adds laughter, music, and good humour into meetings and uses simple movement and philosophy to explore and understand inner and outer dynamics.

Think though the body to move and free the mind!

Engage and release creativity!

Understand Focus and Balance through the Body!


Described by corporate managers as “the most profound work in change management for years,” “Juice!” highlights the body’s energy as a point of reference for effective communication in personal and leadership realms.

The 7 Juice! skills take communication into the 5th Dimension

Similar to the way rugby words used in the scrum – Crouch Touch Pause Engage are high definition points of awareness, by listening and responding with an ear to our body and using the 7 Juice! skills, we recapture, savour, and nourish our unique potential.

The main ingredient of Juice! is fun.

Fathima Dada , CEO Pearson Southern Africa (Maskew Miller Longman) As I stood on the stage with you and the music started, a certain quality took over the room as well as my 100 colleagues from all over Africa and the world! EVERYBODY moved to the music, and the Joy of Movement was evident in EVERYONE! I may be the CEO of a multi billion company and have nearly 1000 staff but that was the most joyous memory of my entire career!”

(*Kathy presented at the Strategy Planning Session for Pearson Southern Africa, with 100 senior leaders from all over Africa, and guests from Italy, US and UK).

  • If you are interested in booking Kathy for a workshop or talk, or would like to find out more about the Juice! workshops and how they might benefit you or your organisation, please contact Kathy Wolstenholme on:

t: +27 (21) 674 3747
c: 082 093 5209