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Introduction to Space and Energy Clearing Workshop – Sat, 22nd February

Clear out your way to happiness, abundance and success

The workshop introduce you to the practice of energy, space and individual cleansing or clearing – understanding energy and its flow, plant medicines used, crystals, song and music that assist in the clearing and cleansing.

You will be shownhow to bless and purify your home/ workspace using various tools to cleanse, transform and create the kind of energy that brings more flow, grace and abundance into your life.

Shanti facilitates a process of tangibly working with and understanding Energy – exploring the plant medicines and various ancient traditional methods of shifting and clearing energy, and cover the Why’s and the How’s of the Energy and Space Clearing Practice.

Clearing the space on an energy level is an ancient art practiced daily in many old cultures, Empower yourself to take ownership of your own personal space. We can all benefit from removing stagnant stuck energy around us, in our relationships, work or home environment.

**Anybody can learn from and attend this workshop, no previous experience needed.

Date: Saturday, 22nd February
Time: 12noon – 2pm
Cost: R250 *Early Bird of R220 by 17 February.
Sign up: 
 082 462 4844 or email

About the Facilitator:

Prem Shanti , known also to some as Nicolle, describes herself as a “Mum, a Woman, a soul… whose seeking began at a young age, with a vivid imagination and zest for life…. with a real love for people”.

She has particpated in many in-depth trainings in a few fields – Reiki, completing Reiki 1, 2 & 3 to then moving on to becoming certified in Kinesiology, followed by A.S.O.N.T. (Art and Solution of Neuro Training), Meridians & Acupressure Points, Bach and Finhorn Flower Essences, Colour Therapy, basic Colour Homeopathy, Rebalancing Massage and Sangoma Training. Further working with and attending Workshops in Angels and Orb’s ; Ascended Masters; Lumerian Healing, Chakra Balancing and Plant medicines. A  life changing journey to India provided the opportunity to work with and explore Osho Meditations – she dedicating her life to the teachings and principles of Osho, becoming an Osho sanyasin. Further training in Metaphysics, ceremonial journey work and basic shamanic practice.