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Monday 9.15am **NO CLASS
Tuesday 9:15am
Wednesday 7:00am
Thursday 9.15am **NO CLASS
Friday 9:15am
Saturday 9:30am
Sunday 9.30am

OurNiaSpace August Class Schedule



  • Nia 5 STAGES Class

    Live in your body with pleasure, comfort and ease. The Nia 5 Stages practice is based on five stages of human development: Embryonic, Creeping, Crawling, Standing and Walking. Deepen your body knowledge, experience mindful self-healing and recharge your energy.

    Practicing the 5 STAGES allows your body to naturally reclaim the physical mobility, flexibility, strength, agility and stability it needs. It also provides a way  for the body to do what it does best, take care of itself and self-heal. When allowed to, the body will always move towards healing and optimal functioning.

    These classes are excellent for cross-training, and powerfully complement regular Nia classes!

    No previous experience is necessary..

    The class experience
    Unique to the 5 STAGES, each 60-minute lesson blends a cognitive study of anatomy with a poetic, sensory-based delivery. Through the art and science of The Body’s Way, students are educated about the specific focus (body part) using a skeleton (or other tactile or visual aids), and then are guided through the 5 STAGES to experientially connect to the focus in their own bodies. The class environment provides the container for participants to tap into their body’s natural ability to self-heal.
    The lesson plans are brilliant somatic experiences created by Debbie Rosas (the co-creator of Nia), with topics ranging from the study of bones, joints, muscles to the chakra system, the heart and sounding.

    Class feedback – 

    • Long-time Nia student: “my mind did not like the thought of moving and crawling and creeping on the floor – that is just not me, but my body told me otherwise .. so I “have” to come back to this class”.
    • Nia Student: “I loved the five stages class. It worked at such a deep level that my body needed some deep rest when I got home. I slept for a couple of hours”.
    • Totally new to Nia: “ It was fab! A great new way of learning about and being in my body, and I slept like a baby that night!
  • Move I.T Class
    A Nia Move I.T” class that invites you to a fantastic fitness experience and a whole body workout where we will explore our athletic and creative potential with all of the Nia 52 moves (a minute-a-move) with some high intensity intervals to train our hearts. All high intensity FUN to great music!Key to the foundation of Nia is personal connection to what feels good for each person and their level of pleasure and this premise is still key to a Move I.T class – working with the personal enough – not an externally produced enough!We are excited to be able to bring you this new Nia class experience recently launched in South Africa with the first training taking place last year in November. Both Shelley and Hanri attended and are certified to teach.Treat your body to new ways of movement fun and inspiration for the great workout experience! Awesome!Feedback so far on the classes has been overwhelmingly positive!! ..”i Loved it … it wa s fantastic and so much fun … class was super – challenging yet fun and and brings a lovely new dimension to body awareness via the Nia approach”

     Class Feedback – 

    • “For the first time in ages I found myself challenged out of my comfort zone and the experience with thrilling. Shelly’s musicality is spectacular so even though I did not know what was coming, it flowed seamlessly and I felt safe within the music and the movement”
    • “I thoroughly enjoyed my first I.T class, the music was beautiful as always and varied but always spot on with what we were doing. Shelley guided us but obviously it was up to us to take out of the class what we wanted to. It was a good workout, easy to follow, fun to do, lots of changes (fitting in all the 52 moves!) but done in an easy-to-follow way. We punched and kicked, flowed and danced and then we did the “enough” parts where we “pushed” ourselves but could stop when we had had enough. Thoroughly enjoyable – everyone MUST try this class!!