Class schedule


Monday 9.15am – NO CLASS
6:00pm – Nia
Tuesday 9:15am – Nia
6:00pm – Nia
Wednesday 7:00am – Nia
6:00pm – Yin Vinyasa
Thursday 9.15am – NO CLASS
6:00pm – Nia
Friday 9:15am – Nia
Saturday 9:30am – Nia
Sunday 9.30am – Nia

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YIN VINYASA YOGA – Wednesdays at 6pm

Yin is more slow paced style of yoga, which can be subtle yet strong with postures being held for a longer period of time, allowing a deeper release of the connective tissue in the body which increases circulation in the joints and improves flexibility. It is a wonderful complement to the more Yang (active, doing, high energy) forms of physical activity or exercise and is accessible to all levels of experience, from complete beginner to advanced practitioners