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Creative Movement Class for Kids – Sat, 27 February

Music, Movement, Doodling, Dancing


A special creative movement session that blends Nia, yoga, play, music into a playful learning experience allowing kids to somatically connect to “body mind fitness” that is fun, energizing, motivational and self-empowering.

Movement empowers children to kinesthetically sense, see and feel cognitive concepts that enhance learning and development in a far more powerful way than sitting still and listening. At the same time, the blend of movement practices also introduces them to ways of listening, responding and behaving that fosters respect, awareness and self-ability to “control” their actions.

And most importantly it embeds in them good cellular memories of moving (aka excercising) which they can take with them through to adulthood – which is usually when most people then have to taught how to move again!

Open to boys and girls, this session will be for the age range 5 – 9/10

The session will be taught by Jenny Barenbrug – a brown belt level Nia teacher, 5 Stages teacher, and attended many workshops including Creative Movement for Kids workshop training. Jenny is a “child at heart” and brings that playfulness and creativity to her sessions with kids.

  • Date: Saturday 27th February
  • Time: 11am –12noon
  • Cost: R100 per child – siblings R80
  • Venue: OurNiaSpace Movement Studio – Obs,

 For more info or to book your child/ren in: ✆ 082 391 9094 or email Jenny

Creative Movement for Kids class Poster FINAL  - 2015

Laughter (Yoga) Class – Wednesday, 24th February

Laughter (n.) – the experience of amusement or joy!
We are designed to laugh and we need laughter to maintain our physical, mental and emotional health – especially in today’s stress-full world.

Join Nicci for a fun, energising and restorative experience for both your mind and mind!
Laugh and play in a guided experience that is stress relieving, physically conditioning, boosts your immune system, and is guaranteed to keep you in good mood through the rest of your day! Experience the joy of free-flowing laughter!

Date: Saturday, 30th January
Time: 11am – 12noon
Cost: Studio class cards can be used / or single class fee of R100
Sign up: 082 462 4844 or email
No yoga, movement or previous experience is required.

If you have never experienced a laughter yoga class you might be wondering “Laughter Yoga”??? ...it is not a traditional yoga class at all  – but a unique and fun experience to stimulate laughter for an inspiring experience!

One of the most enjoyable and funniest movement sessions you will ever experience!

  • It is an “exercise system” that combines simulated laughter-based activities, rhythmic clapping and yogic-inspired breathing  to bring about hearty laughter from deep within the body.
  • You do not need to have a particular sense of humour, nor do you need to feel like laughing to enjoy a laughter yoga class. You will find that before long the laughter flows naturally due to the group dynamics and the contagious nature of laughter. Laughter yoga teaches you to laugh freely from the body, rather than from the mind.
  • In our busy world we often do not have the opportunity to really stop and just laugh uproariously the way we did when we were children. Laughter yoga creates a space for people to have fun and release pent up stress and tension through a good deep belly laugh! Laughter is nature’s antidote to stress – scientific research has shown that sustained laughter reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body, leading to improved health and wellbeing.
  • Dr Madan Kataria (a medical doctor from Mumbai, India) developed laughter yoga which is based on the body’s inability to distinguish between real and fake laughter – both provide the same wonderful physical and psychological benefits. Therefore the laughter is simulated at first but it very quickly turns into real, spontaneous laughter.
  • Laughter yoga works without humour, jokes or comedy. It is practiced in a group setting, and is extremely effective because laughter is contagious. As participants interact, the exercises stimulate laughter from all members of the group. One of the objectives of Laughter yoga is to cultivate childlike playfulness, which helps participants to laugh without reason, and eye contact also helps to convert fake laughter into real laughter. People of any fitness level and age group are able to participate.

Finding your Feet – a Nia Playshop on Sat, 27 February

“Whatever your mood or style, be it snappy and jazzy, lusciously lyrical, powerful or sensually smooth, your feet …. connect you to the ground you stand on, to the world you live in, to your unique … self’ – Debbie Rosas

In Nia we call the feet ‘the hands that touch the earth’. We dance barefoot to connect to the messages that we receive from the 7 000 nerve endings in our feet. In Nia there are 27 moves for the base – feet and legs. We will learn, practice and dance these moves!

Come and explore, sense and create a new relationship with your feet with Jenny Barenbrug – Nia brown belt teacher. Perfect for anybody whether you are new to Nia, or want to deepen awareness of the feet and base movement.

Date: Saturday, 27 February
Time: 2 – 4.30pm
Cost: R250 **Early bird R200 – payment by 14 Feb.
Sign up: ✆ 082 391 9094 or email

Nia White Belt training in Cape Town: 9 – 15 April 2016

With Britta von Tagen AND Susan Sloan: 9 – 15 April, 2016

Move, play, feel, learn, listen, sense and experience exploring the Art of Sensation – Nia’s body centered approach to health, conditioning and wellness!

A six-day transformational training for people who love to move – whether you want to become a teacher or simply deepen your awareness and personal practice.

For more information:
✆ 082 462 4844
✉ nicci@niasouthafrica.co.za
More information can be found in the Nia trainings section of this website