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Open Week at the Studio = Mon 20th – Sun 26th,April

This is your opportunity to introduce as many friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and more to Nia classes and the studio!

From Monday 20th – Sunday 26th April, all Nia and Yoga classes will be FREE for all first time to class/studio people – PLUS if you have not been to back to class this year yet you can choose to kickstart your way back to class with a FREE class in this week too!!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Spread the word ….lets get everyone moving and feeling great!

Intro to Sacred Chanting Workshop – Sat, 25th April

A relaxing and rejuvenating 
SACRED CHANTING INTRO WORKSHOP, with Saraswati Nagpal to a simple yet powerful art of using sound and vibrations to heal the body and calm the mind.

Chanting is the simple but powerful art of using sound to create positive vibrations that heal the body and calm the mind.
Quantum physics breaks down all of matter to the level of vibration – waves of energy. Chanting uses sound waves to gently bring the mind to a state of meditative awareness, free from the worries of the past or the stress of the future. It is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.

The workshop begins with a simple and gentle, restorative yoga (Hatha), to open the body and deepen the breath, then flows into the introduction to the simple but powerful Sanskrit chants, their authentic pronunciation, meaning and intonation. You will learn to use your voice to move awareness through the body. A guided deep relaxation ending, uses sound to release stress from the body, and rest in stillness.

Date: Saturday, 25th April
Time: 11am – 1.00pm
Cost: R200 (R150 for resits – if you have attended the previous two workshops at the studio and would like to attend again)
Sign-up: ✆ 082 462 4844 or sign up now!

**No prior chanting or singing experience is needed  – this workshop is open to everybody to step into something new!

Saraswati Nagpal
Saraswati has been chanting since early childhood and has sung for audiences in India and around the world, as well as recorded albums of chants and songs with her brother, Sai. An author, educator, Indian Classical dancer and yoga teacher with over a decade of teaching experience in various fields, she has recently moved to Cape Town from India.

Her voice is often described as pure, soothing and uplifting – and having led meditative chanting sessions in two classes already we can fully attest to that!