OurNiaSpace Events

First ever dual training White Belt in South Africa – March 14th – 20th


Move, play, feel, learn, listen, sense and experience exploring the art of sensation, Nia’s body centered approach to health, wellness and fitness!. Presented by two talented trainers Britta von Tagen (from the US) and Susan Sloan (from Gauteng – a truly unique opportunity to experience!

Highly interactive and engaging, it is the most comprehensive body-mind-spirit fitness fusion training – translated in a way that makes learning personal, using body-centered methodologies, imagery, poetry, movement and metaphors to turn cognitive information into something you sense, feel and think about. It is designed to give you the time and space to arrive to personal understanding in your own way and in your time as you develop knowledge daily by exploring Nia’s tools for body and life mastery.

Whether you desire to go deeper in your movement practice or aspire to teach, the white belt embraces the idea of life-long learning guiding you to create a life of meaning and purpose living into your potential as a human being. 

For more information and details view the training dates and cost page or contact Nicci on  082 462 4844 or by email

Creative Movement Class for Kids – Sat, 28th March at 11am


A special creative movement session that blends Nia, yoga, play, music into a playful learning experience allowing kids to somatically connect to “body mind fitness” that is fun, energizing, motivational and self-empowering.

Movement empowers children to kinesthetically sense, see and feel cognitive concepts that enhance learning and development in a far more powerful way than sitting still and listening. At the same time, the blend of movement practices also introduces them to ways of listening, responding and behaving that fosters respect, awareness and self-ability to “control” their actions.

And most importantly it embeds in them good cellular memories of moving (aka excercising) which they can take with them through to adulthood – which is usually when most people then have to taught how to move again!

Open to boys and girls, this session will be for the age range 5 – 

The session will be taught by, Nicci Gates, who not only spent her travelling years as a nanny, but has also created and solely-led successful kids creative movement parties with up to 15 kids. She is a Black Belt level Nia teacher, 5 Stages teacher, and attended many workshops including Creative Movement for Kids workshop training,

  • Date: Saturday 21st
  • Time: 11am –12.15pm
  • Cost: R65 per child
  • Venue: OurNiaSpace Movement Studio – Obs,

 For more info or to book your child/ren in: ✆ 082 462 4844 or email us now.