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Creative Movement class for Kids – Saturday 20th August

Saturday, 20th August
Music, movement, doodling and dancing – with ages 5 – 9/10.

Creative movement supports children’s natural development by using physical exercise to enhance coordination, awareness and endurance. Fun fine- and gross-motor skill games guide the children to make healthy and happy choices by learning how to listen to their bodies.

They will listen to music, doodle, learn simple choreography, dance, play games and maybe even have a short story!

Jenny Barenbrug is a Nia Brown Belt teacher with many years of teaching experience  – she is excited and passionate about crafting creative movement experiences for children so the connection to movement and body mind connection is nurtured at a young age thus setting the children up for a life of movement and feeling good!

Date: Saturday, 20th August
Time: 11.30am – 12.30pm
Cost: R100 per child (R80 siblings)
Sign up: ✆ 082 391 9094 or email Jenny and sign up now!



Kids class

Bodysong Workshop – Saturday, 20th August

Dance and Voicing experience with live percussion … explore the art of singing and dancing with the drum as true individual expression enables harmony within the group.
“Singing for and from the body surrenders me completely into  the movement. I become the music and the dance – there is no escape.”

A collaboration between conscious drummer Nidhi Chaitow and Voice Movement therapist, Léan Coetzer, creating an experience where dancers fully participate in the rhythm with shakers, voice and body – a deeply meditative experience.

Join Leán and Nidhi for this unique sound and movement experience.

In this workshop we will explore the art of singing for ourselves while we dance. The body gives full expression to who we are and what we feel and the vocal cords give voice to our purest emotions. Sound moves energy. You’re moving energy out of the locked places in your body. Movement moves energy too.. Making sound enables you to release emotions and trapped energy you didn’t even know were blocked. With live drumming the energy in the room is different to when we use recorded music. There is an aliveness, a response between drummer and dancer which creates a conversation – there is space for relationship…
  • Date: Saturday, 20th August
  • Time: 2.00pm – 4.30pm
  • Cost: R250
  • Sign up: 082 462 4844 or sign up now!
Leán Coetzer has a background as a professional dancer, choreographer and performance artist.  She recently qualified as a Voice Movement Therapy Practitioner. 
“Since discovering the power of the voice, I have found yet another avenue of artistic fulfilment.
My aim is to allow my body to speak to me – to feel everything. When I surrender to my movement and my voice, I am able to able to move into a deeply meditative state.”
www.bodysong.co.za and www.leancoetzer.co.za
Nidhi Chaitow is a conscious counsellor and drumming therapist. She works with individuals and with diverse groups, offering workshops, counselling, and therapeutic drumming circles. Essentially, Nidhi’s life’s work helps to empower people with self-awareness, to reach their fullest potential, and to find and celebrate their own unique rhythm.
Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) is an expressive arts therapy that integrates vocal sound, movement, breathing, imagery, improvisation and song to express all the different aspects of who you are. It offers a safe and grounded approach to explore and embody your feelings, to expand your voice, and to creatively give expression to your story.
Rhythm Song - August

Nia 5 Stages and Laughter Yoga combo workshop – Saturday 27th August

We are designed to move, self heal and laugh  – more than ever we needs these to maintain our physical, mental and emotional health – especially in today’s stress-full world.

A combo-workshop that will perfectly blend the Nia 5 Stages and Laughter Yoga into one amazing experience! These two movement practices are perfectly suited for each other.

  • The Nia 5 Stages – The Body heals with Play
    Aa simple practice of body play and realignment to allow the body to do what  it was designed to do …  explore its potential,  self-heal and feel great!
  • Laughter Yoga  – The Mind heals through Laughter
    A fun and  inspiring experience to teach you how to laugh freely from the body, rather than from the mind … experience the joy of free-flowing laughter!

Laugh and play in a guided experience that is stress relieving, physically conditioning, boosts your immune system, and is guaranteed to keep you in good mood through the rest of your day!

Join Nicci for a fun, energising and restorative experience for both your mind and mind! Experience the joy movement AND of free-flowing laughter in this unique combo-workshop!

Date: Saturday, 27th August
Time: 2.00 – 4.30pm
Cost: R200
Sign up: 082 462 4844 or email
No yoga, movement or previous experience is required.


WHAT IS THE NIA 5 STAGES? – 5 moves – one amazing practice!

Nia 5 Stages is an integrative movement practice based on the five developmental movement stages humans experience from the embryo to walking. Practiced with awareness, these stages have the power to facilitate optimal alignment, improved function and comfort in the body. As a practice, it supports your body holistically to sustain mobility, flexibility, strength, agility and stability.

Consciously moving through these stages as an adult re-integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements in such a way that after just five minutes of practice, participants notice improvements in power, range of motion, and ease in areas of their bodies other forms of exercise do not affect. This process of realignment allows the body to do what it is designed to do: explore its potential, self-heal and grow.

The class is very experiential and is a powerful blend of movement and learning about the body and how it was designed to move and support you. Everybody is powerfully moved by this practice.


If you have never experienced a laughter yoga class you might be wondering “Laughter Yoga”??? ...it is not a traditional yoga class at all  – but a unique and fun experience to stimulate laughter for an inspiring experience!

It is one of the most enjoyable and funniest movement sessions you will ever experience!

  • It is an “exercise system” that combines simulated laughter-based activities, rhythmic clapping and yogic-inspired breathing  to bring about hearty laughter from deep within the body.
  • You do not need to have a particular sense of humour, nor do you need to feel like laughing to enjoy a laughter yoga class. You will find that before long the laughter flows naturally due to the group dynamics and the contagious nature of laughter. Laughter yoga teaches you to laugh freely from the body, rather than from the mind.
  • In our busy world we often do not have the opportunity to really stop and just laugh uproariously the way we did when we were children. Laughter yoga creates a space for people to have fun and release pent up stress and tension through a good deep belly laugh! Laughter is nature’s antidote to stress – scientific research has shown that sustained laughter reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body, leading to improved health and wellbeing.
  • Dr Madan Kataria (a medical doctor from Mumbai, India) developed laughter yoga which is based on the body’s inability to distinguish between real and fake laughter – both provide the same wonderful physical and psychological benefits. Therefore the laughter is simulated at first but it very quickly turns into real, spontaneous laughter.
  • Laughter yoga works without humour, jokes or comedy. It is practiced in a group setting, and is extremely effective because laughter is contagious. As participants interact, the exercises stimulate laughter from all members of the group. One of the objectives of Laughter yoga is to cultivate childlike playfulness, which helps participants to laugh without reason, and eye contact also helps to convert fake laughter into real laughter. People of any fitness level and age group are able to participate.


5 Stages and Laughter Therapy Workshop