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Freedance Workshop – Saturday, 27th July


“Letting go of who we think we are supposed to be and embracing who we are is the dance of authentic expression”

Explore the Art of Vulnerability through the power of moving your body in self-guided free expression. A fiesta of movement, music, sound and free expression to awaken potential and ignite the spirit of YOU!

As you connect to sounds you are invited to go deeper into the layers of music, finding your own expression within the music’s expression – be seduced by sounds as you hear and sense them.

A guided-experience that is both fun and inspirational, where movement and creativity embrace the freedom of 
“anything goes, movement wise!”

“The fastest, cleanest, most joyful way to break out of your own box is by dancing. I’m not talking about doing the stand-and-sway. I’m talking about dancing so deep, so hard, so full of the beat that you are nothing but the dance and the beat and the sweat and the heat” – Gabrielle Roth, from Sweat your Prayers.

A beautiful opportunity to feel your way whole-heartedly into truth and courage   ♥︎           

Join Nicci Gates, Black Belt Nia teacher and Laughter Coach, for play, fun, realness and truly letting go – the key elements 
she brings to all her classes, workshops and movement events.

The Workshop is open to every body – whether you have danced before or not, your body is designed to move and feel and express.

Date: Saturday, 27 July
Time: 12noon – 2pm
Cost: R200 studio members / R250 regular price
Sign up: 082 462 4844 or email





Nia White Belt training in Cape Town // 12 – 18th October, 2019


With Kelle Rae Oien and Susan Sloan // 12  – 18 October, 2019 

Focus: Art of Sensation | Intent: To embody the foundation of Nia

Nia trainings are for every body! – and the White Belt is a gift to you and your body for the rest of your life.

It’s for people who love the feeling in their bodies when they move – whether you want to teach or simply want to deepen your awareness. You talk, you listen, you move, you play, you feel, you experience.

Joyful. Transformational. It’s unlike any other educational training you have ever experienced. Nia White Belt Intensive Training is the first step on the Nia Training path. All Nia Training is highly interactive and delivers foundational principles through both cognitive and experiential learning models.

You need no movement background or fitness level and don’t even have to be a Nia student. Upon completion of the Nia White Belt Intensive Training, you are eligible to licence as a Nia Teacher.

“Nia is safe place where I can get lost in the joy of movement in my own special way of moving. Nia is a sure way to fall in love with yourself and everyone else again” 


It is a powerful week for tuning into your own body and moving in a way that feels good as you immerse yourself into the Art of Sensation for self-discovery, self-healing and self-mastery.

Nia trainings are embodied learning – a well-crafted balance between cognitive and experiential journeying, listening to your body, learning from it + consciously tracking pain and pleasure, and then choosing to be kind to your body, to move with the joy of movement and feel the power of your aliveness.

Nia White Belt teaches you the Art of Sensation through five core areas of study over 50+ hours of somatic education:

  • Movement – the study of moving, health + potential
  • Anatomy – the study of body parts + systems
  • Science – the study of body awareness, health + vitality
  • Music – the study of sound, health + expression
  • Philosophy – the study of the body’s inherent wisdom.
  • A deeper understanding of self: knowing your body, mind, emotions and spirit.
  • Techniques to sustain and increase pleasurable sensation in your body.
  • Ways to integrate Nia’s nine movement forms: Jazz, Duncan Dance, Modern Dance, Aikido, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, The Alexander Technique, The Work of Moshe Feldenkrais® and Yoga.
  • The 52 Moves of Nia: the language of conditioning and self-healing.
  • How to work with the 8BC system: developing listening skills to code and map music and sound.
  • The practice of RAW (Relaxed, Alert, Waiting) and what it means to be in “living meditation”.
  • How to stimulate movement creativity using the eight stages of Free Dance.
  • The Body’s Way method for moving and physical conditioning.
  • How to listen to the voices of your body.
  • How to move your Body’s Way.
  • How to “create space”.
  • About your “witness” and how to use it as a tool for self-healing.
  • How to create an optimal learning experience working with the Energy Allies.
  • How to communicate what you sense in your body.
  • Nia’s business philosophy and what it means to create a Sacred Livelihood based on your unique life purpose.

Every Body! – anyone can take the Nia White Belt and no experience is required.

  • If you want to teach Nia, the Nia White Belt is your first step into this wonderful experience.
  • Alternatively, the training is an enriching experience as the path to greater body and mind awareness = a perfect investment into self ♥︎


  • White Belt is $1200 (*special SA price – global price is $1 599)

The registration fee of $600 / $599.50 is payable to Nia HQ + the remainder $600 / $599.50) is paid directly to Susan/Kelle * (Due one month before the training )


Susan Sloan: ✆ 083 306 3852 / ✉︎  info@niagp.co.za

Nicci Gates:  ✆ 082 391 9094  /  ✉︎  nicci@niasouthafrica.co.za